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IRS fraud, IRS scam

It is the IRS or a tax scam?

Hello, this is the IRS… Many of us have gotten the call. It’s a robotic voice and it’s scary. Your heart rate goes higher. You start sweating. You start freaking out. It goes something like this, “This is the IRS and you are being sued. You must contact us at 800xxxxxxx immediately to avoid further litigation”. Be very wary of these calls, this is NOT how the IRS does business. These calls increase in frequency around the tax filing deadline. The

unattended cooking prevent fire

Home Fire Prevention

  As winter turns into spring, the weather heats up as does the fear of fires. The memories of the recent devastations in Napa and Sonoma counties is still very fresh. That fire was almost unavoidable for most households, although most house fires are preventable. Families and individuals within the East Bay can take many steps to minimize the risk of fires. Based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the main triggers of fires are the following: Cooking Smoking Clothes dryer Candles Electrical The plain view