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What Level of Business Insurance Coverage Should I Get?

Last month, we discussed the various types of business insurance you may need as a business owner.  However, that was only part of the analysis.  It’s also important to know the levels of coverage that are needed for any policy you obtain.  How do you figure this out?  Here are some factors to consider: Coverage v. Price: Determine the best coverage for the price.  To put this simply, get multiple quotes from various carriers and insurance agents.  If you are in an

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Fire Insurance for Business

How Do I Protect My Business Against Fires? Fires have been ravaging California over the past two months.  Whether you are living in Los Angeles or the San Francisco Bay Area, you have seen small and large areas go up in smoke.  While we mostly hear about the devastating impact this has had on people’s homes, numerous businesses have also lost their livelihoods.  What can a business do to protect itself against fires? This is a very broad question.  Decades ago, there were