Home Fire Prevention

unattended cooking prevent fire


As winter turns into spring, the weather heats up as does the fear of fires. The memories of the recent devastations in Napa and Sonoma counties is still very fresh. That fire was almost unavoidable for most households, although most house fires are preventable. Families and individuals within the East Bay can take many steps to minimize the risk of fires.

Based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the main triggers of fires are the following:

  • Cooking
  • Smoking
  • Clothes dryer
  • Candles
  • Electrical

The plain view of this list makes it very clear that many Bay Area house fires can be stopped before they begin. With that, we can keep our loved ones and valuables safe.

Take there 5 Fire Prevention Steps:

  1. Do not cook things without being present. I’ve seen so many people  put their stoves on low while they run to the store or even just upstairs. Many items in a kitchen have ready made fuel so the speed in which it spreads can be unreal, especially if unattended.
  2. Smoking kills. We’ve been told this for years. However, a single cigarette could light up a home if not disposed of properly or if it is left unattended. Make sure to smoke outdoors and get rid of it properly. Do not just place it half-lit anywhere, including the outside trash can.
  3. Each time you dry your clothes, lint gets trapped in your clothes dryer and dryer vent. This lint is like kindling for a fire. We recommend annual dryer vent cleanings and removing the lint from your dryer trap after each use.
  4. While they are not often used, do not simply leave candles burning in an unattended area. Even if you are just in the room next door, a candle could easily and quickly be ignited if a flammable object falls on it. The speed in which it could spread could be insurmountable even if you are just in the next room.
  5. Having smoke detectors in and of itself is not enough. You need to regularly test them to ensure the battery works. This is the leading cause of preventable fires with over 60% of home fires arising from a defective or non-existent smoke detector.

The key thing is to be smart and do not just think fires are accidents that you have no control over. Take the time to do preventive steps to keep you and your home safe.

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